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The rise in oil prices stimulate exploration, oil drilling equipment

China series of industrial policies implemented, receive the positive response of waterproofing enterprises, waterproofing industry adjust the industrial structure in China, the implementation of macroeconomic regulation and control, promotion of new waterproof materials, the fight against fake and inferior products, standardize the market for waterproof and push forward technical progress in the sector, guide the healthy development of industry has played a powerful role in promoting. (1) industry technology equipment level is generally improved. Annual output of 5 million square meters ability of modified asphalt waterproof coiled material production line, better performance of epdm waterproofing extended vulcanizing pot has been put into operation. (2) application products increases obviously, obviously improve the production technology, product structure is obviously improved. SBS/APP modified asphalt waterproofing materials, polymer waterproofing materials, high-grade waterproof coating are sustained growth, substantial increase in high-grade building sealing materials. (3) to carry out the restrictions on the use of products and technology policy has a breakthrough. Standard polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof coiled material production and application, the timely development and promotion of environmental protection waterproof materials and other obvious effect. (4) to ban the use of products and technology policy implemented in different range and extent. Out annual output of 1 million fetal asphalt paper linoleum volume capacity production line, coal tar oil waterproof coating and sealing materials have been well implemented, secondary molding polyethylene polypropylene fiber coil has been largely withdraw from the market. (5) the research and development of new products, new technologies and the introduction of a variety of results. Polymer waterproofing materials for the development of adhesives, adhesive tape, glass fiber asphalt shingle, adhesive waterproof coiled material production and application technology development, the development of the metal bond metal coil, coil, provides more choices for waterproof project


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